Geoff Robertson, Discovery Education

Geoff Robertson
Lead UX Researcher
Discovery Education

Content Creators’ REBOOT
Wednesday, May 24
9:00 am – 12:30 pm

As Discovery Education’s (DE) lead UX Researcher, Geoff Robertson investigates how educators and students interact with technology as they teach and learn. His findings directly influence the product development roadmap and design and aid the business in prioritizing key features as well as addressing usability concerns. Robertson helps the company as a whole better understand the needs, goals, and behaviors of educators and students who are engaged in the blended learning classroom (or digital transition).

Robertson holds a MA in Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology from George Mason University. He first started developing his techniques and approach to UX Research at Hobsons where he focused on tools aiding in the college application process. Robertson’s philosophy on UX research is to not be a translator of information but rather a window through which his team can directly observe their end-user and therefore make their own informed decisions. He has accomplished this by developing innovative ways to collect, analyze, and report on data and by positioning UX Research as something in which the whole team can be involved.