Rebecca Moody, Learning Lab 360

Rebecca Moody
Learning Lab 360

Looking Ahead: AR/VR and the K-12 Classroom
Friday, May 26
10:00 – 10:45 am

Rebecca has been is certified to teach language arts and social studies to students in middle and high school. A veteran teacher of 20 years, Rebecca has sought new ways to motivate and inspire the kids she teaches, especially at the middle school level when the students enthusiasm for school tends to wane.

One way came to her when she was introduced to virtual reality in the form of Oculus Rift. Rebecca thought of the impact it could have on the public education system and started the Learning Lab 360, LLC. Learning Lab 360 provides a mobile lab and virtual reality content to schools on a regular basis, coordinating with the curriculum standards.

Rebecca currently teaches language arts full-time to 6th graders at a year round school outside of Raleigh, NC while launching Learning Lab 360 in order to bring the virtual world to the world of public education.


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