Robert Copeland, Lower Merion School District (PA)

Robert Copeland
Robert Copeland
Lower Merion School District (PA)

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Thursday, May 25
1:15 – 2:45 pm

Robert L. Copeland began his tenure as Superintendent of the Lower Merion School District in July, 2015. Prior to coming to Lower Merion, Mr. Copeland served as Superintendent of the Neshaminy School District in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and for nearly eleven years as Superintendent of Schools in Piscataway, New Jersey. Mr. Copeland’s career in education includes teaching, building administration and central office positions in both suburban and urban districts.

Mr. Copeland has presented at both local and national conferences on topics ranging from school administration, educational change, strategic planning and innovative academic programs; and has authored an article for School Administrator Journal.

In 2007, the New Jersey Association of School Administrators named Mr. Copeland Superintendent of the Year. In October of 2015, Mr. Copeland was honored by the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators with its annual Leadership in Public Education Award.

As a member of AASA since 1999, Mr. Copeland has been a staunch advocate of public education, served on the editorial review board and believes AASA has been essential in leading educational excellence. The future goals of AASA must be to advocate for children in a climate where educating all children, remains central to the Association’s mission. “Our entrance requirements are a birth certificate and a home address. No matter a child’s abilities, language or beliefs we include all and always will. A public education is the crown jewel of our republic”.


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